Sexual being (2017)


Synopsis:  “Sexual Being” explores viewpoints on love and sexuality, as well as issues of agency through the personal experiences of a woman and man with cerebral palsy: Meaghan Ryan Coates, an artist and spiritual teacher in Los Angeles, and Chandler Borland, a student and alternative pornography actor in Toronto. Chandler and Meaghan share a common vision for a more inclusive society, but their ideas on love, sexuality, and the execution of their ideals are often polarized. Through their stories and with additional interviews from prominent members of the disability advocacy movement, “Sexual Being” examines the desexualization and disenfranchisement of the disabled and its repercussions.

Role: Editor.

Duration:  15 mins.

Date: Spring 2017.

Distribution:  BravoFactual, Cannes Short Film Corner 2017, Miami International Film Festival, Vero Beach Film Festival