Edmund Stenson’s work as director, producer and editor spans both documentary and fiction, and focuses on human rights and social issues. In 2018, he directed the award-winning Finding Fukue, a short documentary for the CBC which has amassed over 4.5 million views online, and Other Desires, an experimental short which premiered at the Bristol Independent Film Festival. His 2015 produced/edited documentary, The Roots Remain, won awards at RIDM, the Victoria International Film Festival, and the Wales Documentary Festival.

He has cut Canadian documentary television — in 2016 Le messager, and the 2017 miniseries, Ma vie Made in Canada — and numerous short fiction films, such as A Yakuza’s Melody (LA Film Awards) and She Fell Away (London Short Film Festival) . He has also cut documentary features such as Ghosts of Our Forest (Hot Docs 2017) and numerous short docs (the award-winning Sourtoe: The Story of the Sorry Cannibal, BravoFactual short Sexual Being and the Hot Docs 2017 film, The Long Way Home).

In 2019, he is working on three documentaries: as director, The Martyr, a film about Gilles de Rais and a British woman who wishes to exonerate him; Secret Knots, a faux-documentary about the end of the world; as producer/editor, Nourishing Japan, a short documentary about Japanese food education and its broader moral philosophy,

Stenson is somewhat obsessed with the Chilean filmmaker/magician Raúl Ruiz, and wrote his Master’s thesis on him. You can find him getting all cinephilic here

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